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Houston Automotive Locksmith Service

Whenever you get locked out of your car at home, office, or roadside, Key On the Spot is the best auto locksmith service provider to call in the whole of Houston. Our commitment to providing the best emergency auto locksmith Houston services inspires us to meet the highest standards of skill and professionalism.

Our team of auto locksmith Houston Texas is just a phone call away;give us a call now, and we will be there at a 911 speed.

Being locked out of the car is always a mind stressing occurrence, especially at emergencies; or when you are in a rush to get somewhere very important. Losing your car key, damaging, or locking them in the car can happen at any point in time; leaving you stuck in the middle of nowhere.

This is why Key On the Spot provides 24/7 emergency auto locksmith Houston service in the whole of Houston to be there at the very right time you need us.

We offer outstanding auto locksmith services solving problems with transponder key, chipped key, switchblade key, car door unlocking, key extraction, trunk unlocking, reprogramming, re-keying, key fob replacement at competitive rates.

Why Choose Key On the Spot as Your Auto Locksmith in Houston?

Our professional auto locksmiths in Houston TX are trained, licensed; and well equipped to handle the most advanced car locks of different major car brands. We provide a very swift response auto locksmith service for people with car lockouts issues at the most reasonable and affordable rates; no hidden fees are attached.

Our auto locksmith Houston TX makes use of high-quality tools, the newest technologies; and techniques in carrying out our unlocking tasks. This allows us to perform the auto locksmith Houston service excellently well; leaving no scratch and without altering or damaging the original locking mechanism of your locks. Leaving our clients satisfied and happy is our core priority; and that is just what we stand for at Key On the Spot.

Day or night, it doesn’t matter what time it is, or your location, just give us a call; and we will be there to offer the best auto locksmith service right on time. Our auto locksmith Houston Texas will not cost you a fortune. The team is always on standby and ready to help people with their car key replacement Houston problems. Reach us online and let us know about your requirements. Get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Locksmith Services in Houston, Texas

1. I want to have a duplicate of my car key created, how do I know if the key comprises of a chip?

A: There is no obvious way to answer that question as there are about as many differences to this rule as there are car manufacturers themselves. The most accessible way to find out is just to give us a call. Our auto locksmith Houston Texas team would be happy to look up your particular make and design for you.

2. I want to have an extra copy of my car key created, but I was under the impression that transponder keys are costly and don’t know if I want to spend my money to have a duplicate made. Is there a more cost-efficient alternative available; so that if I lock my keys in the car, I can still get in?

A: Yes. First, transponder keys created by an auto locksmith are generally less costly than going to the merchant to have a key created. The cost is available upon demand. However, one of the least costly alternatives available is to have a duplicate key cut; but will not start the engine, a “Service Key.” Many of our clients keep a duplicate in their desk or purse just for these types of accidents; and for a few dollars, the expense is well worth it.

3. I have misplaced the only real key to my car; can an auto locksmith Houston make another one or do I have to request one from the dealer?

A: In most events, the auto locksmith Houston TX can make the client a new original key. In older cars where there is no chip, the locksmith may require to read the wafers in the ignition to get the proper key cuts needed to make a new key. If the key has a chip, he may also need to plug a specific computer into the car to get the programming information.

Sometimes unique codes are needed to make the key. In that case, the Auto Locksmith has functional software or may need to call into a unique database that supplies lock codes. This information is never accessible to the general public; and you must have the proper security credentials to obtain any of this specific information.

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