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Automotive Locksmith Houston – Tips To Avoid Any Car Lockout

Are you locked out of your car? Regrettably, it is a very saddening and stressful situation, which needs severe attention and, most importantly, an immediate one! Somehow you’ve lost your keys or was attacked by a car burglar?

We are sorry to hear that! You are on the right path. Just read through carefully and calmly.

Key On The Spot is an automotive locksmith Houston who will help you get back on the road immediately as soon as  you engage in our services. That’s fast, right?

However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. So we consider a few tips on preventing yourself from this situation.

I know it must be exasperating missing your keys, but these are tips you can use to avoid the loss of your car keys or locking yourself out

Your bracelet, wristwatch, or ring can be used to hold your car keys

I hear a lot of complaints about key loss due to having a single key. So I always recommend a key attachment to bracelets, wristwatches or rings. There are extensions that are very elastic such that you can drive and still hold onto your keys. Additionally, keep the keys or their attachment brightly colored to notice them easily. This can easily help you avoid the services of an automotive locksmith Houston.

Duplicate your car keys immediately after you purchase a new vehicle to have spare keys

I know hiding a spare key can be risky as anyone can get in the car without your consent. Nevertheless, you have to safeguard a set of spare keys in your home or your office. You can request the help of an automotive locksmith Houston to duplicate your keys and produce a set of spares for your car.

Get a Bluetooth tracker with the key finder app

The best key finders are to attach a bluetooth-enabled tracker to find your keys anytime. You need to enable the bluetooth of the device, download the app on your phone to identify the location of your keys. You can contact our automotive locksmith Houston to make more inquiries if you live around Houston, TX.

Remember to turn off your ignition before rushing out of your car. It is almost sure that while turning off the ignition, you’ll take your keys along.

One common means of losing a key is leaving it in the ignition. So remember to turn off the ignition entirely and put the keys into your purse or pocket immediately. Sometimes, it could happen when you are rummaging the trunk. Hence, do not place the keys in the trunk nor on the seat. Develop the habit of putting it in your purse or pocket while getting out. Remember to spend a minute to check if you’re with your keys before rushing out, no matter how much you are in a hurry.

Nevertheless, if you forget these tips and get locked out or attacked by a burglar You do need someone you can trust to help out.

A Broken Key Needs – Automotive Locksmith Houston

This could be the worst key scenario and there are two ways to rectify this issue.

Firstly, you can use a key extractor tool and remove the key forcefully from the car. You can do this yourself if you are confident and you do have the tool.

If not, the safer option is to call an automotive locksmith Houston. Having experienced someone would be more helpful and rewarding than getting your car into a more inconvenient situation.

This is a rundown of how any automotive locksmith Houston works.

Key On The Spot |How An Automotive Locksmith Houston Works

When you call a friendly and veteran automotive locksmith Houston to resolve your car’s issues, they come with expert tools and even equipment specially grafted for your car. Remember that every car model has its own tools. So while making contacts, ensure you do mention of the car’s model.

Most automotive locksmith Houston handle modern cars with an electronic system.  This is not something any roadside locksmiths in Houston, TX could do. These modern systems utilize keys that have a transponder code embedded inside – a “transponder key.”

Inserting this key into the ignition revives the car to read different codes and immediately starts once the right codes are read. As a result, bootleg keys or homemade implements are prevented before starting the car; therefore, just the “correct” code can start the engine.  However, to replace the key or re-key the car, the automotive locksmith Houston needs special decoding techniques to obtain the previous code and then reprogram a new transponder key, allowing you access into your car to start the ignition.

Quite awesome, right? Now, get in contact with Key On The Spot. In need of the service, request our automotive locksmith Houston. Call (713) 289-4550 or email us at

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