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Car locksmiths are professionals who deal with car locks. A car locksmith Houston can replace your lost keys or extract a broken one. Key On The Spot provides the best car maker services at an affordable rate. We offer this service to clients in Houston.

Leading Automotive Locksmith Experts In Houston- Key On The Spot

Have you lost your car keys or you got locked out? All you got to do is to give us a call because Key On The Spot specializes in automotive locksmith.

Our highly skilled specialists will come to your location as soon as possible. We make sure our response time is quick enough to attend to your needs in the fastest time possible.

We provide specialized and expert services for replacing lost key cars, unlocking your vehicle door, and a lot more. Our locksmiths have most of the car keys and they can come right away and save you from getting your car towed, which is by the way going to cost you a lot more.

Our automotive locksmith services include the following:

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Replacement Car Keys - Swiftly and Efficiently

Misplacing car keys is an issue every car owner will face at least once in their life. You are dressed for work and suddenly can’t find your keys anymore. Although it can be pretty distressing, you don’t have to worry anymore because we’ve got you covered. Our car key maker are professional and reliable and will provide replacement car keys as fast as they can. You don’t even need to have an original copy of the key before our car locksmiths get to work as long as you can prove the vehicle belongs to you.

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Make Car Keys - A Service You Can Depend On

Not only do we replace keys – we also make new ones. Our car experts make car keys by expertly studying the impression and rifts in the lock before making another one. We are a fast-moving, trend-setting company and we guarantee that no matter how technical or hardwired the lock system might be, our car expert are always up to the task. So, anytime you lose your keys or break them trying to twist it out of the ignition, remember to contact us for a swift service.

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Key Programming - You Can Trust Our Team

Not all Locksmiths can reprogram a car. Modern cars were deliberately modeled to be highly secure, so it might prove difficult for even the best of them; however, our car key makers are absolutely knowledgeable and experienced in this area of service. By learning the basics of reprogramming and how it works in reference to signals and receivers, our locksmiths have mastered key programming and have turned it into an area of expertise. Replacing the key of such a car will not work as the key has to be programmed for the engine to start.


The Transponder Key - A Reliable Service

Transponder keys are not the regular type of ignition keys that we all know. These keys have already been preprogrammed with a chip. This chip contains all the settings of the car and if the signals of the key do not match that of the car, the engine will not start. Because of this program, it takes only an expert car locksmith to be able to get a blank key and then copy the code into the key. Trust our car key maker with this job to get it done without any problems.