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Professional Buildings Rekey

Do you know you can have your building doors lock rekeyed instead of replacing the entire lock? The following are reasons why our Houston customers hire Key on the Spot for building rekey service.

Stolen Keys

Got your keyset stolen and afraid someone might gain access into your building. Rekeying your building locks gives you the option to have peace of mind at an affordable price without the hassle of replacing the lock.

Lost keys

Although the chances are slim that someone will locate which house, office, business premises owns it. But it is still advisable to get your lock combination changed to keep your building secure.

Make Key Alike Locks

If you would like to have a few locks around the building operated by the same key; then rekeying new or existing locks is the way to go.

Keys are not working properly

If the keys are bent or chipped, but the lock is in good working order; then you can choose to change the lock combination and get a new set of keys.

The main reason for rekeying is simply to enhance the security and safety of your building by ensuring that no unauthorized party gains access to your premises.

Whatever your reason might be, lock rekeying is an option worth considering. It is a quicker and easier way to make sure you are safe at your new home or office.

There are several occasions when we have received requests from our customers in Houston asking us to replace their locks. But when we get on-site, they usually are surprised when we present them with the option of rekeying as an alternative to replacing the whole lock. Lock rekeying is an affordable way to change the combination of your lock; and get a new set of keys while keeping your lock.

Whether you’ve lost the keys, need to change locks between tenants, or have to rekey locks on all locks in your home to keep you and your family safe, call the pros at Key on the Spot. We have the latest tools and experience to change lock pins on door locks, saving you the hassle and expense that comes with buying and installing brand new locks.

For property managers, homeowners, and commercial businesses who need building rekey service for security reasons, contacting Key on the Spot is an excellent idea.

Contact our professional lock rekey service to rekey locks in your house and offices. Our services are affordable too!

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