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Key On The Spot – Best Ways To Get Out Of An Automobile Car Lockout

A car or automobile car lockout is one of the impromptu circumstances that wastes our time and disrupts our schedule. It happens to everybody, even the best among us, drivers. People break the front glass during emergencies or dangerous situations to drive off far from a harmful way. When faced with a car lockout challenge, do not fidget.

It’s either you call a licensed locksmith or do some of the DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) life hacks; some will be listed here. Locksmiths are those who are trained and licensed to help you get out of an automobile car lockout. Simply be careful, do what is best and wise for you. Here are the best ways to quickly get out of a car lockout.

Opening A Car Without A Key

Some cars come with keyless features that allow you to use them without a key. If it is locked inside, you need to call a licensed locksmith to determine the car’s electrical resistance values. Usually, this is done through a passkey decoder or key analyzer. The locksmith will make a new key to help unlock the car through a motorized code key cutter.

Use Of Immobilizer Re-Flashing

An immobilizer is an electronic device used for security, fitted to a motor vehicle to prevent the engine from working, except the correct key is present. This is very vital because it protects your car during a car lockout, especially at odd hours.

If a defect emerges in this mobilizer, the car may not even start, even with the key. If this happens, the locksmith will have to make a mobilizing re-flashing to get you out of the trouble. In order to avoid threats, only a few cars have immobilizers.

String Method

Tie a slip knot in the middle of a piece of tough string. It should be at least 6ft long. Then, open the door at the top corner using a thin piece of wood or metal. You can also improvise with anything that would serve that purpose.

Now, try to slip the knot inside the car door through a small opening. Good for you; if you are successful up to this point, work the strings ends along the door top and sides until you position the slip knot over the door lock post. Then, tighten the slip knot around the lock post. Do not forget to secure it before pulling up.

However, the string method only works for cars with post-style door locks with a small knob at the top. Meanwhile, if your car door locks do not have a knob at the top, this method is not for you.

Key On The Spot | Unlocking Your Automatic Lock In Houston

This is good and preventive to unlock your car if you don’t have the keys.  If your car uses an automatic lock system, use a wedge device to make a space from your car body to the door.  If your automatic lock system is located on the driver’s side armrest, you can trigger it using a thin metal rod to press it.

However, you should attach a hook to your wedge tool for a car with a central console. Alternatively, you can use a cloth hook to hold the lock. Performing all of this is quite stressful; let Key On The Spot handle your car lockout problems today.

Enter Through The Trunk

Alternatively, you can still gain entrance to your car; some cars come with a manual lock system that allows you to use it during any emergency. Even if your car doors are lock, there is every likelihood that your car trunk is open.

In such as situation, you can enter through the trunk as it serves as the best option, especially if you are in the “desert.” Don’t worry; wherever you are in Houston, TX, we can come and rescue you from your car lockout immediately.

We concentrate on all locksmith needs such as:

  • Residential car locksmith – Your home is your stronghold; it needs the topmost security it deserves. We make that happen using the best tool. You might want to upgrade, repair, or replace your door lock; we can handle all of these.
  • Commercial – Your office security is paramount. You need to rest comfortably when at home that nobody will break into your office. Key On The Spot can make your business strong.
  • Automotive – As long as your car lock or key is involved, we are the best car lockout service provider throughout the Southern Texas area.

To know more about our services and request a quote, call us on (713) 289-4550 or visit us at 2003 Clay St #b, Houston, TX, 77004. We are here to fix your car lockout problems in Houston

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