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Have you ever misplaced your car keys due to your busy schedule? Has your key ever got stuck in the process of opening your car? Have you ever lost your car keys in the course of moving to your new apartment?

Or have you mistakenly thrown your car keys into the ocean when you went for a beach party?

We understand that these and many more scenarios occur once in a while. We want you to know that these are a natural occurrence. No matter how hard you try to avoid losing your precious make car keys, they are bound to get missing (except if you never use your car/cars). Auto locksmiths are those who unlock cars when this happens.

We are not ignorant of the anger and frustration that come with the misplacement of your car keys. We know absolutely well that you would not like the outcome if you manually try to unlock car door without being an experienced locksmith. You may even have to waste your hard-earned money due to your ignorance, trying to fix it yourself.

Effective Tools Used By Locksmiths:

  • Key extractor
  • Key analyser
  • Mechanical key code cutter
  • Immobiliser re-flashing
  • Slim Jim

Best Option For Your Car Unlock Service

Our car unlock service offers excellence and premium quality services. We have built a reputation of not just a brand by name but a brand by undeniable results. Yes! We are a result-oriented car unlock service. It’s a privilege for us whenever you patronize our service. We do not take you lightly. Ensuring that you are over satisfied with our services is our delight.

We have licensed locksmiths in Houston to serve you. We know that there are lots of unlock car services in Houston. But we will always stand on our integrity that a taste of our service will make you choose us over the hundreds. You won’t just choose us; you will gladly tell every car owner you come in contact with.

Our licensed locksmiths are ever ready to serve you, even during the odd hours of the day. We value your precious time and give you immediate results all-around the clock. Integrity and reliability are our bedrock.

Key On The Spot – Car Unlock Service Offers The Following:

  • Car re-keying
  • Car door repair
  • Ignition key replacement
  • Key extraction

Here are a few reasons to still consider us today!

  • Excellence – we have a policy that every service you are not satisfied with is liable to ensure you find happiness in our services. We are known for our excellent services in every city we situate
  • Licensed locksmiths – our locksmiths are always screened before employment. We don’t just look at their grades. We quest to see their grades and practical results are in line. Afterward, they undergo special training on locksmiths and customer satisfaction
  • Credibility – as we stated earlier, we didn’t just build a brand by name; instead, we built a brand by our undeniable results over the years. We have a standard policy that even in the next decades to emerge; we’ll ever get better in our services
  • Emergency services – we have very active social media handles and telephone numbers that you can dial or text anytime. Just before you worry much, we are at your service. Even if you don’t have sufficient money immediately, an agreement to pay in a stipulated time will be issued
  • Affordable service – our price per service is very friendly. Sometimes, we even offer free services based on your patronage and recommendations
  • Integrity – sincerity is not just our watchword; we effortlessly offer honest and accountable service. We will always stand on our integrity to deliver as demanded. Honesty is the foundation on which our reputation is built. Integrity is the greatest criterion for those that aspire to work with us

Key On The Spot – Exceeding Expectation For Your Car Unlock Service

Our car unlock service is very safe. We do not ignore nor downgrade other car unlock services. But we value your safety and that of others. Our general car safety tips will guide you through keeping your keys. We are glad to see that lots of people are recommending us to others, which has made gates of cities or nations opened to us. Our customers can testify their satisfaction with each patronage. The service we render speaks for us.

We owe every individual an effective car unlock service.  On every two patronages comes a free service. On every recommendation comes two free services. Every December, we offer special discounts on holidays and black Fridays.  We love and value everyone we serve. We can’t wait to serve you better. Call (713) 289-4550 now!  We’ll arrive right on time to get you back inside your car or house in no time. Remember, you can also visit us; our address is 2003 Clay St. #b, Houston, TX 77004.

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