Houston TX Residential Locksmith Services

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Key On The Spot Locksmiths service is more than proud to offer you top-quality security service. This is the right place to look for your security and lock-related issues.We are a company with a high reputation in the security industry. We work seamlessly to make sure you, your loved ones; and your properties are well […]

Houston Automotive Locksmith Service

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Whenever you get locked out of your car at home, office, or roadside, Key On the Spot is the best auto locksmith service provider to call in the whole of Houston. Our commitment to providing the best emergency auto locksmith Houston services inspires us to meet the highest standards of skill and professionalism. Our team of auto […]

Lost Car Key Emergency Service in Houston

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lost car keys in houston tx without having a spare is a very stressful accident; it is an event that often occurs on a day or at a most unfriendly time. Like a time you are rushing to catch up a for a meeting, or going to somewhere of high importance, and could cause other […]

Professional Buildings Rekey

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Do you know you can have your building doors lock rekeyed instead of replacing the entire lock? The following are reasons why our Houston customers hire Key on the Spot for building rekey service. Stolen Keys Got your keyset stolen and afraid someone might gain access into your building. Rekeying your building locks gives you […]

Safe Opening And Repair in Houston TX

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Lost or misplaced keys? A snapped key or part of the key has broken off in the safes lock, the detachable part of the safe key is missing or has come off in the safe, the safes electronic lock has locked you out? The key will not go into the safe, and the safe batteries […]

Is Picking a Lock Damage the Lock?

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Getting locked out of your vehicle or apartment can be a tiresome experience, even on the good days. And such situations appear to take place at the untimeliest moments– when you’re in a hurry or have supplies in the car that need to get to a refrigerator as soon as possible, etc.The best approach to […]

Do Temperature and Weather Affect the Lock Mechanism?

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Seasonal variations are often overwhelming. After a prolonged winter, many look ahead to the time spent outside in hotter weather caused by spring. As summer appears to a close, colder temperatures are recognized as many get ready for the oncoming holiday seasons. However, as homeowners plan for the variation in seasons themselves, they also must […]

Reasons Why One Replaces a Lock

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There is no hidden fact that a lock can easily last for over a decade. However, there could be times when one would like to replace a functional lock with a brand new one. When we look forward to replacing our locks, we require locksmith Katy Texas who are professional and experienced in doing so. Here is […]

What Should One do If the Key Gets Stuck in the Door?

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Your car key can get stuck in the door when you least expect it. It can seem like a next to impossible task to get access back. Thanks to the stunning technology that there are some possible strategies that you can put to use if your car key gets stuck any day. Additionally, you can […]

Why Should You Call a Locksmith After Buying a New Home in Texas?

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Buying a home is such an overwhelming experience. It’s a chance to truly build your own space that completely suits your wants and requirements. This experience can also be bewildering with loans, inspections, upgrades, and many other things that are a component of the process. A few people don’t always consider calling a locksmith Sugarland, TX […]