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Hey there, don’t you think it’s time to get a copy building keys Houston, TX service? Are you asking why? Okay, there are answers here if you continue reading.

Have you imagined losing your key and realizing that it is an original key? Or worse, your only key? That’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Exactly. That’s how cumbersome your struggles would be if you ever lose your only original keys? Not just for your residential homes, these keys include your commercial and automotive keys. But not to worry. We got you covered. Read the process of copy building keys Houston, TX service in Houston.

Generally, keys are built from brass or a combination of brass and nickel. The locks within are also built from brass. From time to time, the keys and locks do usually wear out. In fact, that is the more reason to have your copy building keys Houston, TX service provider. This is because when the keys you have used over time wear out, you can use a new key to continue your activities. Additionally, you need to have a spare for the use of family members in case of any lockout.

Key On The Spot – How Does Copy Building Keys Houston, TX Work?

Guess what? You can actually make your keys at home.

Yeah! Read on to see how you can copy build your keys at home.

First, use a screwdriver to hold the edge of the key over a flame. The flame can be from a candle or a lighter until the flame chars the keys. Keep moving it over the flame in a back and forth motion until the keys become dark on one side. Then, bring it down and let it cool. Don’t use your fingers to touch the keys. Be very careful.

Set a piece of tape or paper over the dark area of the keys. Be sure to let the paper cover the keys but leave a tiny piece just to remove the paper. Ensure the char from the dark area transfers to the paper with an outline of the key to be built. Ensure it is flat and without a crease to get a good outline from your copy building keys Houston, TX service in Houston.

Copy Building Keys Houston

Then, gently and slowly remove the tape with great care. The char smeared on the tape will leave a residue, especially on the sticky part of the key with a great outline of the copy building keys Houston, TX. Next is to use alcohol to remove the chars remaining from the building keys Houston, TX.

Afterward, lay the tape with the key outline on a credit card that’s expired or a plastic ID card. Just get any card that is plastic and thick. Ensure the entire key is printed on the plastic and the entire outline is seen not to have the teeth of the key scattered. Avoid crease and distortion. Furthermore, use a transparent card to see all the imprints on the card and avoid numbers and letters because it will be too thick to remove if it sticks on the tape.

Next is to use scissors to cut out the shape of the key. Carefully cut it out to avoid the teeth of keys being damaged. Now, put the keys together and compare the teeth. They must be equal.

Finally, use your copy building keys to try a lock. Insert the key carefully to avoid the copy building keys to deform or bend. If it doesn’t deform, you could use your copy building keys Houston, TX to open a lock.

Electronic Copy Building Keys Houston, TX Services

There are copy building key machines or key duplicators that are used to copy or duplicate keys.

First, you need to ensure you have your blank keys, and they must be correct. Most locksmiths like Key On The Spot in Houston can help you identify a blank key similar to your original key. You just have to call. This blank key is used for the copy building key.

Next is the arrangement of the original key and the blank key. The original key is placed on the duplicator machine cutting tool, while the blank key is placed on the duplicator machine alignment tool. The key guide and the alignment tool ensure that the original key is similar and even with the duplicated key.

What To Avoid When Preparing Your Copy Building Keys Houston, TX

Avoid making a copy of an already copied key. This is because the keys could be worn out and the codes erased. So decoding a key that is worn out needs a blue-chip over it again.

Without this chip, it is not advisable to copy an already copied key.

What are you waiting for? Try your copy building keys Houston, TX service or call Key On The Spot in Houston to help you.

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