Door Lock Commercial Installation – Secure Your Business

One of our services at Key On The Spot includes the installation of commercial door locks. Our services are fast and affordable. They are available to residents of Houston and its surroundings. Contact us for door lock commercial installation and secure your business today!

Door Lock Commercial Installation Service – Assured Quality

At Key On the Spot, we provide commercial door lock installation service for your business, on the spot. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year as we work continuously to serve you better. We are only a call away. Our expert locksmiths have been properly trained to provide the service of lock installation. Our door lock commercial installation service includes the installation of different kinds of locks, from electric door locks to magnetic door locks to keyless entry door locks and many more. We communicate effectively with our clients to understand their needs and we work accordingly. Located in Houston, Texas, we provide different locksmith services from car to residential and commercial issues. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to protect you and ensure 100% customer satisfaction and great results.

door lock commercial installation - Key On The Spot

Electric Door Locks – Tested and Trusted Locksmiths

Modern locks have taken over traditional ones. One of the modern door locks available in our door locks commercial installation service is the electric door locks. An electric door operates with an electric current. You will be able to lock and unlock your door remotely. You will also be able to know whether your doors are locked or unlocked even in your absence. Electric doors can be controlled with a mobile application, biometrics, or a key code. Electric door locks are surely a more secure way to protect your business.

Magnetic Door Locks – Be Security Conscious!

Another modern lock available in our door lock commercial installation for your business is magnetic door locks. A magnetic door lock converts an electric current to a magnetic force. It then uses the electromagnetic force generated to lock or unlock the door. The pressure provided by this force makes it close to impossible to open doors without proper access channels. All this makes a magnetic door lock ideal for your commercial security. Our expert team has been trained in the installation of magnetic door locks and are waiting for your call to help secure your business!

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Keyless Entry Door Locks – Ease Of Access

A popular and comfortable package in our door locks commercial installation service are the keyless entry door locks. Keyless door locks are popularly preferred because they grant ease of access and are easy to use. Instead of the traditional locks where you have to carry keys around, keyless entry door locks have a much simpler means of access which include but are not limited to biometrics, key codes, key fobs, mobile applications, etc. Examples of door locks that use keyless entry are electric door locks and magnetic door locks. Contact us today!

Professional Lock Installation Services – Now Available To You Locally

Do you need a professional locksmith to help with lock installation at your place of business? We have been waiting for you! At Key On The Spot, our locksmiths have been expertly trained in door lock commercial installation. We also offer automotive and residential door lock installations, repair, and replacement services in and around Houston. We have a ’30 minutes response time’, which means an expert technician can be with you within the hour to provide you with quality locksmith services. The services that we provide are very reliable and affordable.

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Basya Yaffa
Basya Yaffa
Local Guide ・21 reviews
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Fast Awesome Service..... He came fast and got me in my car fast. Great Price.... no one can beat the price or his customer Service
3 reviews
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I look up this business on line called “Key on the Spot” I called Bami and he gave me A great quote told me he will be here in 45 min came at the last minute!!!! Arrived at my home on time Took him 10 min!!!! Very Professional I will recommend any who needs a key call “KEY ON THE SPOT” KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK”
DeAndria Keith
DeAndria Keith
2 reviews
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He was very professional at all times. Kept me updated with every five minutes how far away he was for me and didn't take long at all. He quick with great quality work. I will recommend you to my friend and family and Customer. Great customer service 💯💯💯
Whitney McKnigh
Whitney McKnigh
4 reviews
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Rami is amazing and super fast! Not only did I get same day service, he informed me of cheaper alternatives to my request. Very few businesses will help the customer save money. I truly appreciate that. I HIGHLY recommend Key on The Spot for any key servicing needs.
Lilly Arnold
Lilly Arnold
1 review
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Great and fast communication, very fair and much lower pricings than others, with great products and service. Will recommend to everyone!!

Locally Available Locksmith Services

At Key On The Spot, our services are not only top quality and affordable, but we are also committed to giving our customers a lasting and mesmerizing experience. Over the years, we have done this, which is why we are the leading locksmith service providers in Houston.


Yes, we do. Door locks commercial installation is one of our core services. We also offer automotive and residential installation, replacement, and repair locksmith services in and around Houston, Texas.

Our door lock commercial installation package is not limited to installation alone. Apart from installation, we can repair or replace faulty door locks. To answer your question, Yes, we can repair faulty electric door locks. Give us a call now to let us help secure your business.

Magnetic door locks work on the principle that an electric current produces a magnetic force that is used to lock and unlock the door. This electromagnetic force that is produced makes it hard for intruders to access the building. So, yes, magnetic locks are a good way to secure your building. Everything has its downside, however. Our expert team has been properly trained in the art of door lock commercial installation so we can help with the installation of magnetic door locks. Contact us now to speak to an expert and let us know how we can serve you.

Everything with an advantage is unfortunately bound to have a disadvantage. This does not mean keyless entry door locks are not safe. A few disadvantages of keyless entry door locks include; susceptibility to hacking, electrical problems, forgetting your password, etc. Thus, our door lock commercial installation offer also comes with repair and replacement services.

Yes, we offer lock installation services. At Key On The Spot, our services include automotive, residential and commercial door lock installation, repair, and replacement in Houston. Our expert team of locksmiths has undergone the necessary training to provide you with a mind blowing and affordable service. We are available to you every hour of every day and we can’t wait to make you happy. Give us a call today!