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Steps to Take After a Home Burglary

Coming home and finding out that your home has been burglarized can be a jarring experience. The experience can lead to foster a sense of distrust for things and people around you. Undoubtedly the first thing that you will do is panic. However, at this point, you need to calm yourself down and take the necessary steps to stay safe and bring back order into your house in Home Burglary.

The first thing that you should do after a house burglary is to inform the local police. The longer you wait or waste time to call the police, the more difficult it becomes to catch the thieves. Do not touch or try to rearrange things in the house before letting the cops know about the burglary.

In-home burglary cases, the police generally investigate the home to find any suspicious items that can help in finding the thieves. If you have CCTV cameras installed, let the cops know about it so that they can access the footage of the burglary and show it to your home insurance provider company.

After the police have arrived, access your home and make a list of items that you think are stolen or damaged with proper detail and price value. Make two copies of this list. Handover one list to the cops and keep the other for the insurance company. If your checks, credit cards, or debit cards are missing, inform your bank as soon as possible to avoid fraud. Get the cards blocked. Your bank will then provide you with a replacement.

To avoid such home burglaries:

It is essential to have a proper security system installed at your premises. Having suitable locks and security safes can save you from getting your things stolen and damaged. With the help of a commercial locksmith Katy TX company, you can get an advanced locking system installed at your home. Having a sound locking system at your house can alleviate you from the stress of whether your house is safe or not.

With Key On The Spot’s locksmith services, you can install security safes, advancing door locking, fingerprint locking, etc. and other security systems to help protect your house from burglary. Installing CCTV cameras is also essential. In case thieves trespass your property, you can track their activities with the help of the camera footage. You can also install burglar alarms, which sound when a thief crosses a specific limit of your property or try to open the door without your presence.

In case burglary has happened, contact a 24 hour locksmith Houston company and reassess your house’s security system. Get the system repaired to the quickest to stop such an incident from happening again. Following is the summary of steps you should follow after a home burglary.

1.Contact Police

As stated earlier, after a home burglary or home break-in, contact the police and alert them about what has happened. You should do this immediately after you realize that your house has been compromised. It is suggested not to touch or move anything until the police arrive. Don’t stay inside the home, and call for neighbor’s help. The fact that you have arrived home doesn’t mean that the thieves have left. Do not make noise as this can alert the thieves if present.

2.Make a List

After the police have arrived, make a list of things that were damaged or stolen. This will help the cops to have a better idea about which items were targeted. This is generally a challenging step for homeowners as they might still be in a shock of finding that their house was broken and robbed.

3.Call Your Insurance Provider

After you have created a list of the belongings that were stolen and damaged, reach out to your home insurance provider and inform them about the house break-in. Make sure that you make two copies of the list, as you will have to give one to the cops and others to the insurance company. Give every detail of the belongings to the insurance agent as it will help in filing the claim.

4.Review Your Security Protocols

If you have cameras installed at your home, check out the video footage of the burglary. This can help the police in tracking the thieves.

5.Repair the Damaged Security System

This needs to be carried out in two stages. The first step will immediately look after the burglary has happened, and the second will be executed over time. For instance, if the door was kicked by the thieves, you will have to replace the doors and the door locks.

Calling for an emergency locksmith service provider like Key On The Spot can help you repair the locks to prevent further burglary and break-ins. A home burglary can foster a sense of fear in your loved ones. Therefore, getting your security system on-point will give them peace of mind and sense of security.

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