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I Locked My Keys In My Car In Houston – What To Do?

Ever wanted to go out and then after preparing yourself, as you tried to enter your car but stopped right in your tracks and you say to yourself:  “I locked my keys in my car” ?  Perhaps you haven’t. But if you are not careful with the way you handle your car key, you may soon hear yourself say to anyone who cares to listen, “I locked my keys in my car.”

Key On The Spot in Houston understands the feeling of helplessness that comes when you realize you locked your keys in your car. That’s why we advise that all vehicle owners have spare keys, which they should keep in strategic locations. That aside, we offer swift, professional locksmith services to remedy such situations.  However, if you don’t want to reach out to a locksmith for help, try these tips whenever you say to yourself or anyone, “I locked my keys in my car”.

Did I Lock My Keys In My Car|Call For Reasonable Solution In Houston

Perhaps you have spare keys but left them at home, and now you feel foolish, looking at your car, yet you can’t go in. Don’t beat yourself over it. Stuff like this happens to almost every driver. Whichever way, you can try any of these methods to access your car. However, some of these methods will require you to use some tools. And before you decide on an alternative to open your car door, you need to consider the type of locks your vehicle has.

Confirm If It’s Really Locked

Sometimes when you say to yourself “I locked my keys in my car” in Houston, it may just be the driver’s door that is locked. That’s why you have to try out other doors and be sure they are locked too before calling for help. When you check the other doors and see that one is open, you can then use it to access your car.

Also, check your trunk too. Perhaps, you opened it to get something and forgot to lock it. Once you see the trunk is open, try to move the rear seat out of your way and get into the car.

Get A Wire Coat Hanger

If your door has buttons on the window ledge, you can use a wire coat hanger to unlock car door. Simply bend the end of the hanger into a hook after straightening it. Afterward, put it between the rubber molding and the side window. Then hook it around the door button before dragging it up. Presto! Your car door is open.

Get A Wedge And Rod

If your car has smooth buttons, you may decide to use the hanger method, but it may not work. Instead, try the wedge and rod method. To do this, insert the wedge in the crack at the top right corner of your door. Then use your hand as a hammer to tap the wedge in. Afterward, put the rod into the opening and use it to press your car’s unlock button.

However, if your vehicle has locks that are infixed into the inner door handle, you will need to contact Key On The Spot professional locksmith services in Houston to handle this for you.

Get A Rod And Phillips Head Screwdriver

Be careful of this method as metal objects can dent your car. Notwithstanding, to use this method, use the screwdriver to open your car door slightly. Afterward, put the rod in and use it to push the unlock button as suggested in number three.

Use An Inflatable Wedge

This involves using the force of air to open your car door against a metal object. The advantage of this method is that you won’t damage your car paint or leave scratches on it. The inflatable wedge will create space for you to insert a stick, coat hanger, or rod in which you’ll need to push the unlock button.

Call Home To Bring Your Spare Keys

Furthermore, if you are not too far from your home and you have spare keys, you can call home to have someone bring a key to you. To do this, get your smartphone out and say into the receiver, I locked my keys in my car. Could you please help me bring my spare keys?” Then state your location. However, for this to work, you have to be close to home and not miles away.

I Locked My Keys In My Car | Electric Car Door Alternative

Modern vehicles come with electric car doors, making it difficult for you to lock your keys in. If your car has an electronic car door opener, once you hear yourself say, “I locked my keys in my car, “relax. Unless you’ve lost the opener outside your vehicle, you may be able to get the door open. Other than that, your ignition nay refuses to start without the opener.

Henceforth, whenever you hear yourself scream, “I locked my keys in my car, “do any of the recommended methods in this post. However, Key On The Spot in Houston is always available to proffer the best possible solution in Houston, TX.

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