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What Should One do If the Key Gets Stuck in the Door?

Your car key can get stuck in the door when you least expect it. It can seem like a next to impossible task to get access back. Thanks to the stunning technology that there are some possible strategies that you can put to use if your car key gets stuck any day. Additionally, you can also get your lock repaired.

What Can One Do in Such a Challenging Situation?

Use Spray Lubricant

The expert locksmith Humble suggests that a key is often stuck in the door because the door isn’t lubricated correctly. You can spray it into the lock if you have access to a can of spray lubricant. By following this process, one can solve the issue. There could be several times when one will not have access to a lubricant in front of their house.

Generally, the spray lubricant is kept inside a utility closet or a garage; provided they have it in the first place. It is always a better idea to ask the neighbors about it; if in case they have any lubricant spray with themselves. In case you are fortunate enough to get it from your neighbors, you can spray it on the lock.


You can always try jiggling your car keys inside the lock to check if you can dislodge it. But you should know that you must avoid pulling it too hard as the force can force the key further against the lock. You can dislodge the key if you offer a slight movement in a different direction; which will ultimately make it easy for you to move the keys.

Apply Ice or Cold Pack

You can easily remove the key from the lock if you apply ice or cold pack to the door. The cold tends to contract the metal that makes it smaller and more straightforward to remove. You are required to be extra cautious so that ice doesn’t make the key or lock wet. The tip works best when it is hot on the outside.

Hold the Lock with One Hand

While unlocking with one hand, you can hold the lock with the other hand. Stabilize the lock with your hand while turning the lock. It can create an abundance of resistance and stability to help you quickly get your key out. In case you are unable to fit your entire hand into the lock, then the better idea is to stabilize it with the fingers.

Call a Professional Locksmith

You can call 24-hour locksmith Houston if none of these tips help you dislodge your key from the lock on your car door.

Benefits of Calling Professional Locksmiths

Perfect Solutions

Certified or emergency locksmiths at Key On The Spot are your best bet that will help you with the correct solution for the issues you have been facing regarding the locking system of your place. Moreover, the locksmiths will provide services at affordable rates. It is essential to choose reputable emergency locksmith professionals who offer services without compromising on the quality of the service provided anyhow.

Round the Clock Services

As the name suggests, emergency locksmith providers such as Key On The Spot assure to offer 24*7 services so you can connect with them whenever you require any assistance related to lock. It matters a lot, mostly if your keys or lost or you have left them inside your house or locked them in the car, leaving you outside stranded. It is advisable to find an emergency locksmith you can call if you are not comfortable with risking yourself staying out of the house or stuck in the parking lot for a huge number of hours.

Skills and Knowledge

Generally, high security locking systems are designed to discourage theft and intrusion. There are chances you have a key and lock mechanisms which require specific skills and knowledge to fix your service if you drive the latest model of car or you are using the latest high-security locks in your house.

By getting an emergency locksmith, you can get assurance that it can be handled using the perfect techniques irrespective of the problem you face with your keys or locks. Instead of trying your hands on fixing the lock all by yourself, it is always a better idea to approach a professional locksmith.

Fast Results

You need to know that emergencies require quick solutions. Thus, hiring an emergency locksmith service will ensure that your key or lock problems will be solved as efficiently and quickly in the hands of experts. Additionally, an emergency locksmith can do the job without causing additional damages to your house or vehicle.

Thus, it becomes vital to get access to an emergency locksmith service when maintaining your home, vehicle, or house. Above all, you need to remember that lock emergencies can occur anytime.

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