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Key On The Spot – How Are Keys Made?

Imagine a world without keys and locks. It surely would be one filled with more problems. Because every door would be open, thus giving access to both the right and wrong people.

If the world were a safe place, this wouldn’t be an issue. But because you can’t even read the person’s thoughts next to you, it is advised you never take chances.

Get keys made. Safeguard them too, because they are the access to all the properties you’ve ever worked for.

What Is A Key?

Generally, a key is an object designed to open a lock. They are your access to every lock. Without it, you’re stuck from getting into your house, car, and other important places.  As such, you must get duplicate keys made, so you never have to worry in the face of an emergency.

If you want new keys made, Key On The Spot locksmith services can handle this for you. But first, here’s all you should know about keys.

Key On The Spot | How Are Keys Made?

The process of making keys is called milling. When keys are made, before they get their distinct pattern, they are called blanks.

New keys are made with a machine called a key duplicator. To use this duplicator, you place your primary key in a vise on one side of it. Then you place the blank key on the duplicator side, which has the piece of metal with the blade (alignment tool).

Afterward, use the alignment bar to ensure both keys align with each other before turning on the duplicator and beginning the cutting process.

However, to get new keys made, you have to ensure you use the correct key blank. This is necessary to ensure precision and quality.

What Are Keys Made Of?

Many house keys are a combination of brass, nickel, or silver. Although most keys have a silver or brown coloring, you can as well coat them in different colors. But know for sure that since this is a mere coating, it will wear off after a while.

Cutting A Key, How Long Does It Take?

If you contact a professional locksmith, it shouldn’t take long to get duplicate keys made. We do this proficiently at Key On The Spot. This is because we have a team of experts who have been specifically trained in the art of locksmithing.

In essence, how long it takes to make duplicate keys depends on who you contact to do it for you. However, if it’s a complex key, give it 25-30 minutes to be done.

How To Get Duplicate Keys Made Without The Original?

You can get new keys made without having the original. Perhaps you lost the original key, or it has worn out over time, all you have to do is contact a good locksmith who knows what to do. They first have to determine how your key should be cut to fit the lock. And to do this, the locksmith has to use a code cutter to determine the depth of the code of your lock key.

Get Duplicate Keys Made| Contact Key On The Spot

We are a top-rated and dependable locksmith company in Houston. Our services are suitable for those within Southern Texas. We offer a complete range of automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith services to come through for you anytime you have lock-related problems.

In an emergency, we are only a stone throw from your location. Our team works round the clock to ensure your house, car or commercial lock is back in order. This way, you go about your activities knowing well that your security is assured.

We will always answer your call, whether on weekends, holidays, or workdays. We care so much about customer satisfaction, and that is why our expert locksmiths are more interested in you.  They listen to your problems and suggest feasible solutions to you when you make a key request.

Moreover, we are also fully licensed and insured to operate. Thus, you have our word that no harm will come to your car or home.

In general, we offer services such as;

  •  Ignition repairs
  •  Car key replacement
  •  Home lock repairs
  •  Home lockout services
  • House key replacement services

If you don’t want to come to us, we can come to you because we also offer mobile locksmith services. Furthermore, if the lock problem doesn’t occur in your home, we offer commercial services to help you out when lock emergencies happen at your workplace.

We are available 24 hours every week, all through the year, to solve your lock-related problems.

So, don’t be stranded. Do you have yourself locked out of your home or car? Or you need to have new keys made for your car, home, and the office?

Search no more. We are only a call away from your emergency. Call now – (713) 289-4550

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