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Do Temperature and Weather Affect the Lock Mechanism?

Seasonal variations are often overwhelming. After a prolonged winter, many look ahead to the time spent outside in hotter weather caused by spring. As summer appears to a close, colder temperatures are recognized as many get ready for the oncoming holiday seasons.

However, as homeowners plan for the variation in seasons themselves, they also must be informed of the potential impacts of these differences on external locks and entrances to their homes. It is best to get in touch with a locksmith Sugarland TX for the same.

Many do not understand that the transformation of seasons can have a significant influence on their home. When the temperature dramatically rises or drops in a short period; there is a higher probability that you will encounter problems with your doors and lock mechanisms.

Seasonal changes can explain a lot of the time, apparently random issues that occur with your locks. Even your car locks can be affected due to changes in seasons; if you still insert a key to open your car. In such a case, you can rely on a Houston car locksmith and make the lock working smoothly.

Cold Weather Effects

As the fall and wintertime arrive, the difference in temperature influences your doors and lock mechanisms in a diversity of ways. Doors made of wood are particularly inclined to problems during seasonal variations, as lower humidity levels influence the material.

Chilling temperatures and the lack of moisture in the air can make your door frame to shrink, leading to a bad fit between the door and the lock itself. This reduction means the door will start to wrap around your locks and may drive to your deadbolt abruptly; not being able to lock or unlock correctly.

Apart from contractions with the door and door structure; if there is actual moisture in the lock, you may encounter issues with your key, not turning. Mist in the lock’s mechanisms may freeze over; making your key become stuck or much more difficult than normal to put into the lock.

Hot Weather Effects

Just as cooler weather makes your door and door structure contract, hotter weather can make these mechanisms to increase. Increased moisture levels in the air make wooden doors to bend all around the lock and strain rigidly toward the door support.

This increase can lead to your locks’ problems, as they quickly start to “jam” more frequently. This means it turns more challenging for the key to turn correctly or can get stuck in the lock itself.

Homeowners should also be informed of the impacts of hot temperatures on keys themselves. When forgotten in a warm car for too long or left in direct sunlight for long periods, the keys can start to warp. Distorted keys can create problems with the lock, as they do not accurately adjust in the mechanism anymore.

How Can I Fix the Lock?

If you have seen that a current change in temperature or weather has influenced your locking mechanisms; the best alternative is to call a professional and reliable locksmith. These specialists will assess your situation and guide you on the best strategy of action.

Depending on the level that your door or door frame has distorted; they may choose to fix your lock or rekey it easily. In a few cases, the home may profit from installing a new lock completely; if it has become too inconsistent with the door’s differences over time.

In addition, if you have detected that your wooden door frequently becomes warped; it may be time to think about installing a door of some other material. Weatherproof elements such as fiberglass, steel, or aluminum are great options and will resist changes in temperature and moisture without influencing your locks.

If you have reached home to discover that your door is blocked or the key will not get inside the lock, do not lose patience! Your first move should be to reach a dependable locksmith, such as Key On The Spot, to support you in getting access to the house, staying away from online “DIY” techniques that may direct to more harm to your system.

24/7 Services

Key On The Spot offers a 24/7 emergency lockout service that will help you get back into your home fast and efficiently without any loss or damage.

Key On The Spot has become a great helping hand for people who need a locksmith for one or other purposes. We are a unit of certified and trained technicians ready to assist you in obtaining the best solution for your individual needs.

If you have come across any locksmith concerning needs and requirements, do not forget to call or text us. We will reach you promptly with all the necessary tools and instruments. Contact today!

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