Lock Re-Keying – How To Go About It?

The importance of keys to our everyday life affairs cannot be overemphasized. Nobody prays to lose a key. Apparently, without one, you can’t get access to your car, house or any other place that means a lot to you. And when you lose your key or fear some third party may have access to your key, you’ll have to consider lock re-keying for security purposes in Houston, TX.

To go about lock re-keying, you have to contact your mobile locksmith, who’ll re-key the lock with or without your original key.

Consider Lock Re-Keying A Priority!

The sole purpose of lock re-keying is security. If you suspect burglary or have spare keys available to people, you should consider re-keying your lock for security purposes.

Furthermore, when you move into an newly apartment, re-key the lock to be extra safe. This is because previous occupants, contractors or inspectors of the house have access to it. To be certain that they can no longer have the access, re-key the lock.

In the same vein, landlords and property managers do this when a tenant evacuates their apartment. This way, the security of new tenants is assured.

However, you must know that lock re-keying won’t fix a damaged lock. You have to first of all replace the lock. Furthermore, if you misplace the key that opens your lock, you’ll have to replace the lock before you disassemble it to be re-keyed.

Besides, if you choose to re-key several locks to use a particular key, ensure the locks are of the same brand. You cannot re-key locks made by different manufacturers to use the same key. This is because different lock brands have varied keyhole sizes designed to accept their own keys alone.

How To Re-Key A Lock | Key On The Spot?

If you want to re-key a lock at home, your best bet is to contact a professional locksmith company in Houston to handle it for you.

At Key On The Spot in Houston, we offer swift lock-related services to ensure you go about your activities as soon as an emergency occurs.

To go about lock re-keying without your original keys, the locksmith has to open the lock. The locksmith will have to keep the lock at the unlock position to re-key the cylinder and make it easier to remove.

Not all locks can be re-keyed without the original key. But with the help of a professional locksmith in Houston, your lock re-keying can be done easily.

To re-key a smart lock, check if you can easily remove the lock from the door without causing any damage to it. If you can, this means you can as well remove the cylinder. This requires expertise, and as such, your locksmith has to be professional to carry this out. If your locksmith is from Key On The Spot, rest assured that the job will be perfectly done. And you’ll be able to stay in your home with the assurance that you are safe.

Key On The Spot -Why Lock Re-Keying For Cars In Houston?

To re-key your lock, you must first determine if it’s a door lock, trunk lock or an ignition lock. Once you know which lock you want to re-key, do this,

  • Take out the inner lock tumbler and insert a key into it. You can use any key to do this, not necessarily the one used with the lock. This way, you push the pins from the cylinder walls and consequently push the tumbler out through the back
  • After taking out the pins, replace them with new pins. When you do this, make sure the new pins do not go beyond the top of the tumbler. Then insert the tumbler into the lock and test it with the key you intend to use to lock and unlock it. Do this and be sure it works before concluding

Options For Lock Re-Keying | Key On The Spot Houston, TX

You can choose from any of these alternatives to carry out lock re-keying

You Need To Install A New Lock

You’ll also need to take the key that opens the lock to them. If you don’t find a store with lock re-keying services in Houston  that suit your pocket, buy your lock specific re-key kit and re-key it yourself.

A re-key kit contains the necessary tools to re-key a lock, and they are usually specific to a particular brand of lock. Go for the kit that suits the brand of lock you have.

Call A Locksmith If You Want Convenience

The locksmith can then come to your house and re-key every lock that needs to be re-keyed. However, this is the most expensive option among the three.

Nevertheless, as stated earlier, Key On The Spot in Houston, TX offers you the solution to all your lock-related problems. We have a team of professional locksmiths who work according to your demand. Before we take action or offer a solution, we speak with you and understand your needs.

Need our services? Call (713) 289-4550 right away.

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