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Mobile Locksmith – Replacement Or Re-Key

For the days when your key breaks in the lock or when you can’t find your keys, a mobile locksmith is the right person to call for help. A mobile locksmith is a professional who travels to meet clients to solve their lock-related problems for their house, business and vehicles.

They offer residential, business, or automotive services. However, some of these professionals offer all of these services. If you’re searching for the perfect mobile locksmith in Houston, TX to handle all your lock-related problems, contact Key On The Spot. We specialize in all kinds of key and lock issues. That is, we duplicate, key maker, remove broken keys, fix bad locks, as well as other lock-related problems.

How Can A Mobile Locksmith Help You | Key On The Spot?

A mobile locksmith is that stitch that saves nine when you find yourself locked out of your home, car or office. Plus, when you need to open a shelf and can’t find the keys, a locksmith will always help you out. These and more are what we can do for you:

Offer Emergency Repairs

As stated earlier, when you experience a lockout or the lock of your favorite shelf refuses to open, a locksmith can fix it up for you. Many locksmiths like Key On The Spot offer 24/7 services. Meaning that irrespective of what time of the day it is, you can get the help you seek in your home, office, or for your car. And if it goes beyond fixing a lock to cutting a new key; we can get it done for you right on the spot.

Meet Up With Appointments

Do you have somewhere to go but got stuck because you can’t find your car keys? A mobile locksmith can come to you immediately, fix up the problem so you can get back on the road. That’s why they are professionals at what they do.

Furthermore, a locksmith who appears at your doorstep can as well do more things for you, such as repairing your patio door locks, replacing lost keys, lawnmower, and reprogramming your car key remotes.

Never hesitate to call on a mobile locksmith when you find yourself in a key and lock fix. They are your lock saviors.

Key On The Spot Tips To Get A Reliable Mobile Locksmith

  • Confirm the company: Before you employ a locksmith company, be sure to verify the business. Check online for information about the business. You can as well confirm their pricing, address, and customer reviews. Ensure that the company you settle for is fully licensed to handle your lock issues. Your security is your priority. And as such, you shouldn’t take chances. If you contact us to handle your lock issues for you, you are covered because we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to protect you and ensure you get your desired results
  • Confirm if they can do what you want: Not all locksmiths can solve all lock problems. Some are specialized for home and commercial purposes, while others are automotive. So, before you settle for any, confirm they can meet your need
  • Check their identification: When you find a locksmith, ask for their identification. All licensed locksmiths carry an identity badge with their Master Security License Number displayed on it. Always check for this. If any locksmith comes to you and claims to be licensed yet has no card, call the company to confirm if it is true
  • Ask for an estimate on writing: A good locksmith should give you an estimate to cut down on cost after examining your situation.  You should get this written estimate and work according to it. You may also have to pay for transportation and emergency service. But do not pay anything until the job gets done
  • Don’t pay with cash: Don’t pay cash to a locksmith who comes to your home or location. This is because you can’t easily trace it and get proof that you made payment. Hence, let all transactions be done via your credit card. This way, you safeguard yourself from being scammed

Need A Mobile Locksmith? Try Key On The Spot

Our swift locksmiths have the training and experience to duplicate and replace your keys with precision. We also know when to change a door lock or cut a new key and the process to go about it.

In essence, we offer ignition repairs, car key replacement services, home lock repairs, house key replacement services, and home lockout services.

If you ever face a lockout or any other situation that has to do with keys and locks, call us at (713) 289-4550. Our office is located at 2003 Clay St. #b, Houston, TX 77004. We are one call away from handling all your lock-related emergencies in Houston. Let the professionals handle your locks.

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