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Myths About How Criminals Open the Locked Car

We all love our things, and we all take corrective measures to protect our things from getting damaged or stolen. When it comes to cars, each of us feels super possessive about them. Even with the very high-end secured technology available, many cars are stolen each year. However, many of us have certain myths about how criminals steal our cars. Here are three primary myths about how criminals in the current times go about opening the locked cars.

Myth #1: Criminals Pick the Lock

There is a common myth amongst the people that criminals get inside the car by picking the car’s lock. Hence, people feel that having a keyless vehicle Is a better option. However, there is an adverse lack of knowledge in this myth. No doubt that keyless entry can be considered more convenient by the drivers; but there are still many hidden facts regarding this claim.

Firstly, one should understand that picking a lock is quite lengthy, which is why criminals adapt to some other means to access the car. Other means include:

  • Smashing the window
  • Usage of special tools to slide in between the car door and the window
  • Using the recent advanced technologies to enter the car.
  • Using a wire hanger

Secondly, now the remote entry systems have changed drastically in terms of how criminals break the lock of the car. The sophisticated and experienced criminals now use transmitters to access the remote entry system to get inside the car. These criminals no longer have to pick the locks manually.

The latest tools and technologies have taken over the market, and criminals are making full use of it. Hence, to keep your car safe and sound, you need to consult an experienced locksmith Sugar Land TX from Key On The Spot, who can help you design an effective lock for your car.

Myth #2: Criminals Make Use of Mysterious Devices

Just a few years back, the news headlines continuously reported about the fact that how there were a few criminals who were making use of the remote entry systems to enter the vehicles that are locked. Various strategies were making rounds to help the car owners from preventing the theft of their car. Two of the main strategies included:

  • Wrapping of the critical fobs into an aluminum foil, that was assumed to break the frequency.
  • Keeping the keys far off from the car to avoid thefts.

However, now the thieves do not require access to the key fob to break the locked car. No doubt, one would be careless enough to hang the keys by the door when they are not present, but an aluminum foil will never help you prevent theft, and this is a wrong assumption.

Criminals have a plethora of ways to break into the car. This is the reason one should always believe in the ‘Prevention Is Better than Cure’ concept. It is essential to have proper locks for your car in order to keep them safe and away from thieves. Get in touch with a professional Houston car locksmith to get a durable and robust lock for your car.

Myth #3: Only Criminals Try to Break into the Cars

If you have ever witnessed someone trying to sneak inside your car, the individual always doesn’t need to have intentions of stealing the car. There could be several reasons for an individual to try and get into your car, such as:

  • Often, when the individual is trying to get into the car, it could be because you have parked your car wrongly in the middle of the road, and he or she is just trying to move the car.
  • If your car’s parking lights are open and there is someone who has spotted this, he or she might want to check if your car is open to switch off the parking lights and not to steal anything.

Instead, criminals do not generally leave any witness when they commit a crime. If you see someone with a hanger or a stick trying to get into the car, the situation could be such that the individual might be just stuck into a situation where he has been locked out of your car. Hence, before assuming that anyone trying to open up the car is a thief, make sure to check it before and then come to a conclusion.

Hence, if you feel afraid that your car is under threat and want to protect the car from the burglars, it is time for you to get your car’s locks changed and invest in smart locks. Contact the professionals of Key On The Spot as soon as possible. The experts here will make sure to design an unbreakable lock and help your car be safe always.

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