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Reasons Why One Replaces a Lock

There is no hidden fact that a lock can easily last for over a decade. However, there could be times when one would like to replace a functional lock with a brand new one. When we look forward to replacing our locks, we require locksmith Katy Texas who are professional and experienced. Here is a list of the top four most usual reasons why one replaces the lock; and why it is essential to change the lock without delaying it in each of the stated situations:

Keys Lost

In case if you have lost the keys to your office, home, car, etc; then you would need to get your lock replaced as soon as possible. You can always rely on car locksmith Houston from Key On The Spot, who are readily available 24*7 to help you out in terms of any emergency. Instead of going and wasting a considerable amount of time to find the keys; it makes sense to immediately call a professional locksmith and get your entire lock changed.

One of the biggest mistakes done by many individuals is to make a duplicate key of your lock. In case the lost keys of yours get in the hands of the wrong person; they will get access to your house, office, or car, which can be dangerous. Hence, it is advised to get the entire lock replaced. And get an altogether new key made for the new lock.

New House

If you someone who is planning to move into your new house; then the ex-owner or the broker does hand over a set of keys. This means that these people can access your house and enter if the lock is not replaced. While shifting to a new house, the entire process can be overwhelming. There are tons of things to look into, such as:

  • Packing of our existing things
  • Getting in contact with the mover companies
  • Shifting everything from the old house to the new one
  • Unpacking everything
  • Placing all the things in the right order.

Amidst so many things going on, we tend to neglect the fact that a new lock is needed so that the existing keys become void. Instead, one of the first tasks you should do as soon as you shift to your new house is replacing the locks.

Owning your house means a considerable sum of money has been invested; one needs to be careful and take proper measures to protect their house. Get in touch with the locksmiths of Key On The Spot; who will be there at your doorstep without any delay and will help you replace the locks.

Any Recent Break-In

In case you are in a situation when your house was recently burglarized, then without any delay, you must get your door locks replaced. Even if the burglar did not steal the keys, but stole various other prized possession, you should still acknowledge the fact that he was able to break through your door. There could be many reasons of how he how could have opened your main house door, such as:

  • He or she could have got a duplicate key made.
  • They could have used some powerful tools to break the lock.
  • They could have entered from the back door and then moved out of the main door.

Regardless of how they came in, even if you had hidden your key in the safest place, make sure to get your locks replaced immediately. It is always a good idea to invest in a healthy and durable lock that won’t break off easily. Make sure to call a professional locksmith and get this done immediately post the theft.

Someone Moving Out of Your Place

In case if your house was on rent and tenants have just vacated the place, or given it to someone for a few days to stay as a favor, then it is time for you to change the locks of your door. There could be possibilities that the person staying at your home could have got a copy of the keys. There are many times that the tenants tend to give a copy of the keys to their friends and families for varied reasons.

You should make a part of your policy that as soon as a tenant moves out of the house, a new set of lock should be made, and the existing keys should be replaced.

Hence, even though replacing a lock is an inexpensive procedure, many tend to neglect it due to the busy schedules. All you have to do is contact Key On The Spot and get your job done. Once you get in touch wit them, they will take over the entire task of replacing your existing locks with the new ones.

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