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Key On The Spot is the residential locksmith of choice in Houston, TX, so if you’re a new homeowner or you just need to change your locks, give us a call!

Residential Locksmith Service - Best In Houston, Hands Down

Key On The Spot is the residential locksmith of choice in the Houston area. We install front door locks and we change door locks. Our door lock installation technicians are always available, courteous and skilled. We also repair door locks that are jammed or otherwise faulty. If you’ve lost your keys, we can unlock doors as well. Basically, if it’s got something to do with residential door locks, Key On The Spot is the residential locksmith to call. Contact us today.

Your home’s doors are an essential element of home security, but if they lack powerful locks,  you could be compromising the safety of your home. Our Houston locksmiths can maintain your locks, replace them when necessary, and give you advice on additional home security measures like high-security locks. When you require locksmith services, get in touch with us right away. You’re secure with Key On The Spot!

Our residential locksmith services include the following:


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Front Door Locks - Who Says Armor Can't Be Beautiful?

Our front door locks are not just practically unbreakable; they are also tastefully designed, so you can start impressing the neighbors even before they come through the doors. If you want the strongest, the best, and the most beautiful front door locks all in one package, Key On The Spot is the residential locksmith to call. Give us a call today!

Door Locksmith Services

Change Door Lock - We'll Finish The Job And You Wouldn't Even Know We Were There!

Everybody seems to have this experience. Change door locks, and all of a sudden there are scuff marks and gouges all over the door. Make us your residential locksmith, and you can change door locks and still have your site looking like nothing happened. Smooth, yes? So if you live in Houston and you ever need to change door locks, please give us a call; we’ll be happy to serve you.

Door Locksmith Services

Door Lock Installation - Top Quality, Best Rates, No Fuss

We don’t just come to you with a selection of the best quality door locks; our door lock installation service is also top draw. Your number one residential locksmith offers door lock installation with the neatest workmanship in wood or metal or whatever material your doors are made of. If it shuts, we’ve got the locks for it. Come visit us at Key On The Spot for the best quality and best rates on door lock installation in Houston, TX.

Door Lock

Repair Door Lock - if it's broke,
we'll fix it

Besides installing door locks, we also repair door locks of all kinds. Key On The Spot is the residential locksmith to call if you need a technician to repair door locks in an emergency. We guarantee a quick response and quick turnaround. Give us a call today!

Locksmith Services

Residential Door Locks - We're Your Lock Guy

Let us help you secure your home from the outside, and protect your privacy on the inside. If you live in or around Houston and you are looking for residential door locks of any kind, or you need a locksmith to install your locks, we are the residential locksmith to call. For residential door locks that last, call Key On The Spot.

Door Locksmith Services

Unlock Door - Even If It's Jammed, We Know How

Okay, your door just got jammed, and you’re angry, and you just want to break the lock, yes? Or you’ve lost your key and you want to break it down? Call us instead: We unlock doors for a living. Call us to unlock doors whether locked or jammed and save yourself the cost and pain of breaking stuff. If you’re in Houston, we’re the best residential locksmith in your neighbourhood, and we’re at your service.


15% Discount for the first installation.

So if you’ve just moved into Houston or you’ve just bought a home here, give us a call for the best security locks money can buy. We’re your residential locksmith to call. Pick up that phone and contact us today!

Most popular questions

Residential Locksmith FAQ

Yes, in cases of emergencies we will not leave your house unlocked till morning. Key On The Spot, your residential locksmith of choice, will get a technician to you promptly.

If your residential locksmith knows their options, not very often. We would typically suggest you change your front door locks if you notice any signs of wear and tear or if you just want a new looking front door.

Depending on the skill of your residential locksmith and the complexity of your door lock installation, anything from them minutes to a couple of hours.

It depends again on the skill of your residential locksmith and the sort of damage the lock sustained. When you repair door locks, sometimes it is because they have come under strains that have impacted the material of the lock, so it’s the damage and not the repair work that’s at fault.

This can depend on three things; the strength of the door and doorframe, the integrity of your residential locksmith, and by extension the strength of the lock they sold you. Give us a call for burglar-proof residential door locks.

Absolutely. Your residential locksmith can help you unlock doors whose keys are lost, and unjam a jammed door.

This is possible, but it is not a residential locksmith’s primary job. A residential locksmith can give you advice on what are the most secure types of doors though: your door lock is only as secure as the whole door, including the hinges.