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Security Door Locks have to be intricately designed and with utmost care installed to ensure maximum life expectancy. At Key On The Spot, we have professional technicians who are capable and skilled to give you that awesome security door locks. Don’t stress yourself looking further, you’ve found us already.

Security Door Locks Services

Security door locks keep out intruders and unwelcomed guests, therefore it is important to give your home or office the best available security door locks and this is where Key On The Spot comes in. A team of highly qualified personnel is in our possession to deliver quality installation of door locks that will keep your home safe and out of reach of burglars. With us at the helm of the affairs of your door locks, you can confidently boast a good security lock on your door. Lock and security is one of our many areas of expertise and you can be sure to get the best of lock services available to you. We are also specialists in deadbolt locks.

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Deadbolt Locks – Ultimate "Jimmied" Proof Lock

Deadbolt locks are quite durable and offer good security because it doesn’t include a spring in its mechanism, it is that lock that must be activated by either thumb turning the bolt or by key, this makes it an ultimate security door lock. We are sure to help you with the installation of this security door lock should you need it on your door and of course you can expect top notch quality in installation, repair or replacing. This lock is good for your home, offices, store and the likes because it is simple looking but packs strong security advantages.

Security Lock – Secured and Safe

Do you want a security lock that gives you nothing to worry about, rest of mind; knowing that your property or properties are perfectly safe wherever they are stored or kept? We are not so far away, in fact, we may just be around the corner of your street waiting to serve you raw forms of top of the hill quality security door locks solutions. Why don’t you give us a call and have us handle all your security door lock needs and we can assure you that you will call us again to handle your door lock problems.

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Need Superior Lock And Security Devices?

We have various complex and simple lock and security devices that will give you the desired satisfaction of a security door lock. These days technology has made things quite easy and at the same time complex in order to guarantee maximum security door locks. You only need to know the right professionals to call to have your preferred locks installed, repaired or replaced. Be sure to give us a call.

Lock Services Like No Other

When we are done helping with your security door locks, you can almost feel the quality radiating from the device and you’ll be encapsulated in the aura of a fresh sense of security. Security door locks should give you that sense of security, a feeling of safety and peace of mind, knowing full well that you sleep comfortably without having to worry about noises in your kitchen or living room at odd hours of the night. Indeed, our lock services are like none other in the Houston, TX and surroundings. Why don’t you call us now!

We are a team of locksmiths vastly experienced in security door locks and when we say we are nobody’s comparison, we know exactly what we are talking about. Thinking of making that call to us regarding an upgrade to your security system at home or in the office? Do not hesitate, and make that call now!

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Basya Yaffa
Basya Yaffa
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Fast Awesome Service..... He came fast and got me in my car fast. Great Price.... no one can beat the price or his customer Service
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I look up this business on line called “Key on the Spot” I called Bami and he gave me A great quote told me he will be here in 45 min came at the last minute!!!! Arrived at my home on time Took him 10 min!!!! Very Professional I will recommend any who needs a key call “KEY ON THE SPOT” KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK”
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DeAndria Keith
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He was very professional at all times. Kept me updated with every five minutes how far away he was for me and didn't take long at all. He quick with great quality work. I will recommend you to my friend and family and Customer. Great customer service 💯💯💯
Whitney McKnigh
Whitney McKnigh
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Rami is amazing and super fast! Not only did I get same day service, he informed me of cheaper alternatives to my request. Very few businesses will help the customer save money. I truly appreciate that. I HIGHLY recommend Key on The Spot for any key servicing needs.
Lilly Arnold
Lilly Arnold
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Great and fast communication, very fair and much lower pricings than others, with great products and service. Will recommend to everyone!!


Well, there is only so much security door locks can do but we don’t think it can totally keep intruders out because they have options to break in depending on what kind of destructive measures they come with. It is also important to know that no matter how advanced door locks get, hardened criminals will devise a means to go around it; it’s the way it is unfortunately.

Depending on what security door lock is in use, it can protect your home or office against minor burglaries and break ins. So you are mostly safe as long as the device has not been tampered with.

They are pretty much pocket friendly and you don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire a good security door lock device. The higher your requirements though, the higher the price, but you can get a considerable device for a fair price.

Installing a security door lock is actually quite easy to install but as easy as it may look, you may still need the help of experts to have it properly fixed; other than that it doesn’t take too long to install, depending on the complexities of the security system you are trying to install.

Of course, you can absolutely trust us to deliver quality security door lock services. We are indisputably the best at what we do and you can rest assured that our installation, repair, and maintenance is top notch every single time it is requested.