Should I change every lock on my house in Houston?

If you’ve ever moved to a new neighborhood, you’re probably familiar with the hassle of deciding whether to change the locks completely or just rekey them. The majority of people are unsure of whether to rekey and change their locks, but this blog will assist you in determining your best course of action.

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Rekeying the lock entails what?

You might be unsure of what it means to rekey the lock. Rekeying a lock entails replacing the existing key with a new one and changing the lock’s configuration. Rekeying, to put it simply, is the process of keeping the same lock while using a new key in place of the old one. Rekeying is a simple process. A Locksmith Houston will open the lock, replace the key and some of the lock’s components after removing them. All keys have a series. These series are linked to a particular key, so after switching series, you must use the key that goes with it.

The locksmith needs to have the current matching before opening and rekeying the lock in order to do so successfully. The key cannot be changed without the corresponding key.

Why is rekeying required?

  • In some circumstances, rekeying the lock is preferable to changing it.
  • Although you adore your lock, you want to swap out the keys so that a few people can no longer enter your house.
  • When you need a single key that fits multiple locks because you have different locks.
  • There are numerous reasons to think about changing the locks on your existing home, new apartment, or both.
  • When enhancing your home’s security and installing electronic locks or high-security locks, you want a different style or color that complements your decor.
  • If you desire locks with the same brand or electronic setup

Should the lock be replaced or rekeyed?

The homeowner must decide whether to rekey or replace the lock. Even though changing the locks is more expensive than rekeying, there are some circumstances in which it is preferable.

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