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Unlock Car Door Without Key – The Key On The Spot Way

Your car is an investment to ease transportation. And to optimize its use every time, you have to first know how to unlock your car. However, sometimes you may experience a lockout and need a car locksmith from Key On The Spot. And while you await their arrival, you may want to try out these alternatives to unlock car door in Houston without its key.

Finding out that you locked your keys in your car isn’t a new occurrence. People do it almost every time so you won’t be the first. This doesn’t mean you should be careless, though. Regardless, if you ever find yourself in a lockout and wonder how to unlock car door without a key, do these:

Use A Slim Jim

To use Slim Jim, don’t insert the it into the driver’s door because it has more wires. Instead, insert the Slim Jim into the passenger side door. Afterward, push it through the weather stripping and use its end to grip the lock button inside. Once the hook grabs the lock, pull it up to unlock the car.

Go In Through The Trunk

Most times, when you experience a car lockout, one of your car doors may be open.  If your car has a manual lock, the trunk may be open. And as such, you have to go through the trunk to unlock car door. If so, push the rear seats away until it is spacious for you to crawl into your car. When you do this, go ahead and open the car manually.

Use An Automatic Lock

If your car has an automatic lock, there are several ways to unlock car door with it. First, use a wedge to create a space between the body of the car and the door. Then activate the auto-lock by pressing the button with a metal rod. However, this works if the auto-lock is situated on the driver’s armrest. If it isn’t, you may want to use a wire cloth hanger to reach where the button is.

Get A Rod And Phillips Head Screwdriver

If you decide to use this method, you should be careful as the metal objects used could dent your car. That aside, to unlock car door with a rod and a Phillips head screwdriver, use the screwdriver to open your car door slightly. That is, use it to create a space between your car’s body and the door. Afterward, put the rod in and use it to push the unlock button.

Use An Inflatable Wedge

To unlock car door with an inflatable wedge, you have to use the force of air to open your car door instead of a metal object. The inflatable wedge will help to create space for you to put a stick, coat hanger or rod into your car. And once you do this, you’ll need to push the unlock button to unlock car door. As opposed to earlier methods stated, you won’t leave any scratch on your car or damage its paint.

When trying to unlock car door without the key, be careful not to damage your weather stripping and window. Otherwise, you cause more damage for yourself.

Key On The Spot – Unlock Car Door | How To Avoid Locking Yourself Out In Houston

To avoid locking yourself out, you have to follow a few precautions. And they include: always check for your keys before you step out of the car. If you do this regularly for a month, it soon becomes part of you, and hardly will you leave your keys in your car again.

Get Duplicate Keys Made In Houston

Our job at Key On The Spot in Houston is to provide duplicate keys for clients in Houston, TX. We do this to prevent cases of lockout. Having duplicate keys will ensure that you have a way out whenever you get into a lockout. Furthermore, don’t just make the spare keys and put all of them in a particular keychain.

If you do this, you risk losing all your keys at once. Instead, give one to a trusted friend, neighbor, and family. Then keep another in the office too. And don’t forget to keep one in your purse, wallet, or briefcase. You can as well invest in a key finder. This will come through for your days when you forget where you placed your keys, and you’re far away from home to ask someone to bring it for you.

A key finder will help you place track on your keys. You can as well go for high-quality ones.

Contact Key On The Spot In Houston, TX

Perhaps it hasn’t happened to you yet, but there’s a possibility it will. And when it does, if you don’t find any tool to unlock car door safely, simply call on us.

We offer 24/7 professional locksmith services that involve lock rekeying, car key replacement, home lock repair, etc. in Houston. We can help you unlock car door in Houston when you get into a fix. Call us at (713) 289-4550.

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